Invited Speech


Dr. Marco Marsella

Inclusion, Skills and Youth (G4), CONNECT Directorate-General, European Commission, Luxembourg

"Technology-enhanced Learning in Europe"

This Invited speech will present ongoing work at European level on ICT for Learning, including EU funded research projects on innovative ICT-based solutions supporting learning, teaching and competency development throughout life. It will also touch upon future research and funding opportunities.
Dr. Marco Marsella works at the European Commission, where he contributes to policy development, innovation, and research strategies in the area of inclusion, skills and youth with emphasis to technology-enhanced learning. He serves as Deputy Head of the Unit Inclusion, Skills and Youth (G4), at CONNECT Directorate-General. The Unit contributes to policy development, innovation and research implementation in the areas of Inclusion, Learning and Better Internet for Kids (safer internet). Previously, Marco Marsella has worked in the Unit dealing with Safer Internet and eContent where he coordinated the Digital Content sector (Europeana, Open Data, eLearning). He has also served as project and policy officer in the Unit "Cultural Heritage & Technology Enhanced Learning". Prior to joining the European Commission he was researcher in applied AI in various centres in Italy.