Track 19. Doctoral Consortium on Advanced Learning Technologies (DC-ALT@ICALT2014)

Track Chairs

Sabine Graf, Athabasca University, Canada [Coordinator -]
Ignacio Aedo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Chen Guang Chen, Beijing Normal University, China
Michael J. Spector, University of North Texas, USA
Jarkko Suhonen, University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Track Description and Topics of Interest

The ICALT2014 Doctoral Consortium aims to support and inspire PhD students during their ongoing research efforts on topics related to Advanced Learning Technologies. The Doctoral Consortium will provide to the PhD students the opportunity to present, discuss, and receive feedback on their research in the context of a well-known and established interdisciplinary and international conference outside of their usual university environment. Prominent professors and researchers in the field of Advanced Learning Technologies will reflect to the selected papers and get engaged in a scientific dialogue with the PhD students.

The Doctoral Consortium will consist of 3 sessions. The first session aims at giving students the chance to present their work to others and get familiar with the work of other PhD students in their area. Each PhD student will give a very brief presentation (about 3 minutes) about his/her work with focus on motivation and research problem. These presentations are followed by a poster exhibition where individual discussion about each student's work will take place. The third session aims at giving students feedback from an expert in their area and let them discuss their work with him/her as well as with few other PhD students doing research in the respective area. After the notification of acceptance/rejection, each PhD student with an accepted paper will be assigned to a small group consisting of 5 PhD students and one expert in their area. Each group will start to communicate and exchange their papers so that all members of the group are familiar with the papers of each group member. During the third session, each small group will meet individually. PhD students will give a short presentation about their work (about 10 minutes; 3 slides: Motivation/Background, what have been done already, and what will be done in future). After each presentation, group discussion will take place where each student can discuss his/her work with the expert and with other PhD students.

The 3-page submission of DC Consortium papers should:  

  • Provide the title of the PhD Research, the name of the PhD Student and the PhD Advisor and the Affiliated Organisation 
  • Provide a motivation for the research, explaining what the problem in the respective field is and why it is a problem,
  • Clearly formulate the research question, 
  • Sketch the research methodology that is to be applied, 
  • Describe the expected contributions of the applicant to the research area, and describes how the research is innovative, novel or extends existing approaches to a problem.  
  • Appropriately acknowledge the possible contribution of non-student advisors or collaborators

 Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, correctness, and clarity.

Up to 5 Ph.D. students per track will have the opportunity to participate. Students will be required to pay the registration fees of the ICALT 2014 Conference (at student rates).

Topics of Interest

  • Digital Systems for Open Access to Education and Learning
  • Adaptive and Personalised Technology-Enhanced Learning 
  • Wireless, Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies for Learning
  • Digital Game and Intelligent Toy Enhanced Learning
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning
  • Technology-enhanced Assessment in Formal and Informal Education
  • Big Data in Education and Learning Analytics
  • Technology-Enhanced Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education
  • Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  • Motivational and Affective Aspects in Technology-enhanced Learning
  • Methods and Tools for fostering Creativity in Learning processes
  • Recommender Systems for Learning
  • Applications of Semantic Web technologies for E-Learning
  • Technology Supported Education for People with Disabilities
  • Smart Learning Environments
  • Virtual Worlds in Education and Training
  • Knowledge Management in e-Learning
  • Large Scale Implementation of Technology Supported Educational Innovations
  •  International Standards on Learning Technologies 


The Doctoral Consortium is only for PhD students in their first or second PhD year (for full-time studies and prorated for part-time studies). Furthermore, the topic of the PhD thesis must be in the area of Advanced Learning Technologies.

Submission and Publication of Papers                                 

Authors are required to follow ICALT 2014 Important Dates and adhere to the ICALT 2014 author guidelines when preparing their papers and submit their papers through the ICALT 2014 submission system. Additionally, at the same time as the paper is submitted via the conference system, an email from the main supervisor must be sent to to confirm that the student is in his/her first or second year of PhD studies.

Accepted papers will be published in the ICALT2014 conference proceedings.

The Track 19 CfP can be downloaded from here: