The 7th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies
(ICALT 2007)

July 18-20, 2007

Niigata, Japan


Distributed social and personal computing for learning and instruction

Local contact address: Toki Messe: 025‐246‐8400
Please ask the operator to connect to the ICALT2007 office.

---Notification about the earthquake in Niigata----

The earthquake that made Nacagoshioki on Niigata Prefecture a hypocenter happened, and six or more in the seismic intensity was observed in this prefecture Nagaoka City small country town, the Kashiwazaki City Nishiyama-cho, the Kariwa-son. However, fortunately, Niigata city is quite safe and fine. So the conference will be held according to the schedule. What we should be concerned about is transportation between Tokyo and Niigata.

The express (Shinkansen) was recovered.

Conference program updated !!

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Sponsored by:
IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology
IEEE Computer Society

Hosted by:
University of Electro-Communications, Japan

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